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Study smater not harder
Stop wasting your child's valuable time with old way of studying

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Kids Crew Software

A studying solution for math : This system makes learning math easier through step-by-step daily assessments. It tracks student progress with visual keys, ensuring that student goals are always individually set and achieved. Teachers can respond to students' needs quickly with the help of technology.

Homeschooling Software

You don't have to be a tiger mom, your children will study by themselves.

Childcare Center Management Software

Save time and improve your business with Kids Crew for billing and payments, check in/out, reporting and more.

Why use kids crew system?

Unlike traditional learning, Kid Crew System is an educational philosophy centered on self-paced learning.
Student learning can be accelerated in the Kids Crew System.
As students use this System, their progress is visible to the student, parents and their teacher. Kids Crew provides encouraging feedback throughout the process, and students become active drivers of their own education. In Kids Crew System, Students learn at their own pace, They progress it at just the right level for them. They get feedback as they learn and help when they need it most. Teachers or parents track student progress, identify gaps and give students one-on-one attention to help them succeed.


See how Kids Crew makes managing childcare centers easier

“Kids Crew handles the details of all of our complexities without the need for me to get manually involved.
I’m not what I’d define as computer savvy – more like computer aware – but it didn’t take me long to establish a good level of proficiency with the system.”
– Cher Lim, Bambini After School in New Jersy


1 On 1 Tutoring

Every teacher aspires to meet the individual needs of each student. However, traditional tools and curricula require teachers to make unrealistic, super human efforts to attain that ideal.
Some students are ready to move ahead, but other students need to go back and fill in those gaps. The gaps aren't the student's fault, and they're not the teacher's fault either. It's just a side effect of the fixed paced, traditional learning system that most students learn in.


How to Use the System

Study Coordinator System

Step 1

Step 1. Assigning daily tasks

By teacher

Teacher can assign daily assignment to their students

Step 2

Step 2. Studying

By student

Students do their workbook, solving and watching at their own pace.

Step 3

Step 3. Monitoring & Checking

By teacher

Teacher reviews every page, question, video before the student is done.

Step 4

Step 4. Reviewing

By student

Students have to check it until it's passed by teacher.

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Stay Organized

Manage kid's progress data—from Basic Solving info to Common Core School Textbook—
with an executive dashboard and easy-to-run reports.

Get organized with tools that keep you on top of communications, prospects,
emailing and more.

School TextBook






Kids Crew System Features

There are a lot of features for students to study more efficiently. Teacher setup student's assignment based on their progress.

Homeschooling Software

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    School Textbook / Workbook
    By understanding the key concepts on each page of the school textbook, your test in the school will be easy.

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    Word Problems
    The student solves the math problem for the level and the teacher reviews it. The wrong problem is learned until it is correct.

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    Basic Solving
    Skilled math operations give you confidence in math and reduce your time to solve problems.

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    Intensive Course
    Practice until mastering the key concepts that students lack.

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    Repeat the video until the student can understand and solve the problem in the video for the student level.

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    Reading books or watching videos that read books for a set amount of time. Reading is the most important learning for students.

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    Every day a different topic is given so that student can correspond with short writing. That will be reviewed and discussed with the teacher.

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    Test Prep
    In preparation for the school test, repeat the previous questions until you solve and understand them.

Childcare Center Features

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    Student profile
    You can organize all your students and their family information and documents easily through the student profile

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    Sign In-Out
    Say goodbye to paper sign in/out sheets with automated attendance and staff hour tracking. It’s quick and easy process for parents and for staff to sign in/out.

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    All your staff information is readily available in the staff profile.

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    Automated Invoicing
    Kids Crew System automatically tracks schedules and tuition pricing for all the students at your center, making it easy to generate invoices when it's time to bill your parents.

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    Online Registration
    Parents can register online and upon approval, their profile will be created in Sandbox.

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    Detailed reporting on all the information required for your student care center.


Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • Homeschooling Software
  • 1 Student
  • 1 Management
  • Endless Support
  • $ 50

    per month
  • Childcare Software
  • 5 Students
  • Group Management
  • Endless Support
  • $ 200

    per month
  • Childcare Software
  • 20 Students
  • Group Management
  • Endless Support
  • $ 500

    per month


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